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After 50 years of working a variety of jobs, I retired in March 2020. While I am staying busy riding my bike and enjoying the scenery, this will be the first year in 20 years that I will not be leading a Winter Indoor Training Program. If you want to build power and sweat off some pounds, check out our Indoor Training Charts. These are the same charts that we have been using for years. You will find all the information here.

Happening NOW


The European Tour of Texas is back! We’re offering a bundle of 4 bike rides with a Limited Edition Jersey. Registration opened February 15, 2021. Click here to learn more.


Like I said, I retired. So, I am riding a lot. I logged just over 5,000 miles in 2020, riding around the metro area and in Fredericksburg, Colorado, Florida and the Big Bend Region of West Texas. If you want to stay healthy, getting outside and riding your bike is a great way to do it. I’ve already logged over 1,000 miles in 2021.

I am currently monitoring the event calendar in North Texas for 2021. Our European Tour of Texas is already open for registrations. We hope to able to open up the Road to Hotter’N Hell as soon as we confirm that those events are on the calendar. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon

We hope to offer a bundle of 6 rides to help you get ready for the biggest bike ride in Texas. Once we verify that these events are scheduled, we’ll let you know. Click here to learn more.


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bikin mike with micarmsandlegs TRAIN RIDE PACELINE

Welcome and hello everybody. My name is Mike, I work and I play and I ride a bike! For nearly four decades I have been devoted to building a healthier community through the promotion of cycling as the ultimate hobby and recreational pastime. LEARN – TRAIN – RIDE – A fitness educator since 1974, I began coaching cyclists in 1987 and opened our Training Center in 2000. I love everything about cycling, from the feelings I get during a great indoor workout or outdoor ride, to the people I train and meet while riding in rallies and rides throughout North Texas and other parts of the United States.