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Are you training for the Hotter’N Hell? Lots of people are getting ready to storm Hell’s Gate by getting out there and riding in our area bike rallies. Grab one of these limited edition Road to Hotter’N Hell shirts. They are available for purchase now in 100% cotton or 100% Polyester. You can pick them up in Plano OR we can ship it to you. Visit our online store to place your order. Order Here

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The Hotter’N Hell started back in 1982. It was an “extreme sport” before we even coined the word. Who would think that a 100 mile bicycle ride in 100 degree heat would attract over 10,000 people every year. I discovered this ride in 1987 and have been attending and participating ever since. Lots of people ask me why?

Why Ride?

That’s a fair question. The first answer is Challenge. I like a good challenge, especially one that is challenging on many levels. Heat. Distance. Wind. Strategically placed hills. The second answer is camaraderie. I love seeing the people who put the event together and work so hard to take good care of the rides. I also like seeing the people who ride, many of whom have become friends over the years. Finally, I’m crazy and I like to spend time around other crazy people.

Are you thinking about riding in the Hotter’N Hell? If you are, or if you have participated in the event and struggled in the past, I’ve got several ways to help you have a good experience at the HHH. Please check out the options below and let’s get ready for the Texas Ride of Passage – The Hotter’N Hell.

Train on Your Own

I know that lots of people out there  plan to ride in the HHH but don’t have a coach or a training plan. We developed a FREE training plan called the Road to Hotter’N Hell to help you get ready. Our plan provides a list of organized group rides that you can use as your longer rides, including suggested distances depending upon your HHH goal. We include some basic tips on how to round out your training to make sure your are ready when August 25 arrives. Get all the information here.

Train & Ride With Us

Sometimes, when you take on a big experience or something new, a guide can help you get more from your experience. This is why we developed our Ride Guide program. We put an emphasis on the last 5 weeks leading up to the HHH, blending indoor training sessions with longer rides on Saturday. Sign up NOW and you can get more time riding and training with us.  Individuals who join our program receive a lot of special goodies in addition to the training plan and activities. Details here.

Our Ride Guides will lead 5 different Pace Packs: 19mph, 17mph and 15mph on the 100 mile route plus 17mph and 15mph on the 62 mile route. These Pace Packs will be utilizing  select rest stops on their routes. Our Ride Guides will assist the group in managing the ride safely while providing guidance to keep the group pace. Our package includes a limited edition HHH jersey, Saturday night dinner and more. Click here for all the information.

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We send out newsletters about upcoming cycling opportunities, cycling tips and techniques,  trips and invitations to clinics and training programs. Click here to join our mailing list.

Join us on one of our Fall Tours

We’ll be going to Big Bend National Park September 29 – October 5 for 4 days of cycling and one day of hiking. 6 SOLD/4 spots remaining

From October 9 – 14, we’ll be cycling on the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. 6 SOLD – 4 spots remaining

To learn more about these tours, click here.

bikin mike with micarmsandlegs TRAIN RIDE PACELINE

Welcome and hello everybody. My name is Mike, I work and I play and I ride a bike! For nearly four decades I have been devoted to building a healthier community through the promotion of cycling as the ultimate hobby and recreational pastime. LEARN – TRAIN – RIDE – A fitness educator since 1974, I began coaching cyclists in 1987 and opened our Training Center in 2000. I love everything about cycling, from the feelings I get during a great indoor workout or outdoor ride, to the people I train and meet while riding in rallies and rides throughout North Texas and other parts of the United States.