Winter Training Program for 2020

We started an Indoor Training Program back in 2000. Since I have retired, many of my clients have asked for a way to continue to use our methods while training on their own.

We took some of our best charts and bundled them into an easy to follow training plan. Our charts use a simple shorthand so that you now what gear to use, what cadence/rpm to use and how long to use that combination before going to the next part of the chart. All our charts are for a 60 minute training session.

This program is the perfect way to spend the darker evenings of winter building power and pedaling skills.

Click the link below to visit our store. If you are familiar with our charts, you can simply purchase a bundle. If you are new to our program, we have a “Starter Package” that includes 5 charts and 30 minutes of consultation time (by phone).

Want a training partner? Link up with your friends by Facetime, Zoom or Facebook Live to get some encouragement along the way.

Visit Our Store Here


Personal Consultation

We offer the opportunity for you to visit our training center and discuss your cycling goals and challenges. We will address your specific needs and teach you how to reach your goals and meet your challenges. Our cost is $50 per hour at our location or $75 at your location.


Outdoor Training Rides are offered on a personal basis. Whether you want to work on corners, hills, gears or pedals – we can ride together while I offer tips and suggestions to smooth out the rough spots. These rides are scheduled based upon availability, with the first hour cost of $75. Additional hours are $50.

To discuss and/or schedule an outdoor training ride, please send me an email

Welcome and hello everybody. My name is Mike, I work and I play and I ride a bike! For nearly four decades I have been devoted to building a healthier community through the promotion of cycling as the ultimate hobby and recreational pastime. LEARN – TRAIN – RIDE – A fitness educator since 1974, I began coaching cyclists in 1987 and opened our Training Center in 2000. I love everything about cycling, from the feelings I get during a great indoor workout or outdoor ride, to the people I train and meet while riding in rallies and rides throughout North Texas and other parts of the United States.