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Bikin’ Mike’s Best Bets! gt-hhh4a-HHH2007start1page1-img3

If you are looking for a bike ride, these are rides that we know about and/or have ridden in. More rides will be added as they select their date for 2016 and update their ride information. To get information on a ride, use the link provided. Right now, our emphasis is on the rides leading up to the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls

The Road to the 35th HHH               

These are some great rides to help you get ready for the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred

June 43          Mesquite Rotary Ride        Mesquite, TX 

June 10          Collin Classic           Plano, TX      

June 17        Tour de Italia                     Italy, TX        

June 24        Wild Pig Pedal                   Seymour, TX 

July 8           Peach Pedal                     Weatherford, TX

July 15          Tour de Paris                    Paris, TX      

July 29          The Goatneck                   Cleburne, TX 

August 5       Blazin’ Saddle 75               Granbury, TX

August 12     Red River Bike Rally          Pottsboro, TX

August 19     Vernon Burnin’                  Vernon, TX   

August 26     Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred       Wichita Falls, TX

We can help you get ready for the HHH. Train with our group or on your own. Get the information here


We will be adding more rides as websites are updated for 2017 events

Welcome and hello everybody. My name is Mike, I work and I play and I ride a bike! For nearly four decades I have been devoted to building a healthier community through the promotion of cycling as the ultimate hobby and recreational pastime. LEARN – TRAIN – RIDE – A fitness educator since 1974, I began coaching cyclists in 1987 and opened our Training Center in 2000. I love everything about cycling, from the feelings I get during a great indoor workout or outdoor ride, to the people I train and meet while riding in rallies and rides throughout North Texas and other parts of the United States.